A Project of Iamkhadi Exports Pvt. Ltd.

SATATSOUK is a complete ecosystem for E-commerce Exports.

We are trying to solve several challenges sellers face while working with international buyers. “International buyers tend to be distrustful of Indian suppliers due to their past experiences with poor quality products, delayed shipments and quality issues. Hence, the verification process is often long-winded, thereby delaying the payment cycle.

Even those with an established business face logistical hurdles in terms of quality control, transparency of processes, shipments and licenses. Amidst the confusion, small traders tend to lose out on both time and money. Therefore we ensure buyers across the world access all that India has to offer and make it easy for them to do business with one another.

We  takes care of regulatory compliances, logistics management, offers reliable payment methods, reduces transaction cost and solves the problem of lack of market intelligence for vendors.

For buyers, the platform provides them a credible channel to source products directly from Indian sellers and avoid delays, miscommunication, and regulatory issues. We tie up with sellers after assessing the quality of products, market viability, price and the minimum order quantity they can supply.

The platform allows sellers to upload their products, manage orders and negotiate with buyers. For buyers, it ensures access to thousands of high-quality products from multiple sellers across India with the least minimum order quantities.

The platform helps sellers use technology-driven solutions to ensure seamless deals.

Meanwhile, the buyers can track the entire transaction, right from placing the order to delivery of the package.